About us

Eager to Push You Towards Fashion and Love.

Mawj Beirut is a Lebanese brand set to make its path into every modern woman’s wardrobe.
We believe that every woman has that little style icon hiding on the inside and Mawj Beirut is here to bring out that spark and show it to the world.
We love Beirut, the princess of the sea whose resilience inspires the world, and it inspired us. It all started with two waves wandering on the shore, sharing one love. They met and that’s when Mawj was born from scratch and made it through hardships and obstacles.
We are here to take you from a long day to a fancy night, as fashionable as ever.

The Journey

In brief, we choose wisely.
It’s what you see everyday that shapes your imagination, so we get inspired by what we see daily, in addition to it-girls bringing the latest to the table, to the runways we passionately wait for, and to every other aspect of beauty.
We break the typical. We disturb the traditional. We smash commons, only to bring rare gems to your closets.
It all starts with a design. We roar the streets of Lebanon from the north to the south in search of the finest fabrics, placed in the hands of local craftsmen and manufacturers.

We’re here for you!

You come first. At Mawj Beirut, we make sure you have a fun shopping experience where our designs meet your expectations and beyond.
We want to hear from you, so leave your notes. Always.

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